Take the easy road…

Take the easy road…

30 October 2023

You might think that traveling by car is the easiest way to get around but there’s lots of reasons why travelling by bus is actually the easy road.

Tap to travel, not for petrol.

Paying for bus travel has never been easier.  Most bus operators offer contactless payments, and Tap On, Tap Off facilities are available in some areas where your bus fare is calculated for you and capped so you’re never paying more than you need to.  Mobile tickets are also available via larger operators’ apps.

The bus is cheaper by miles

Only pay for the journeys you make and not expensive insurances, MOTs, services, parking, fuel etc.  A weekly bus ticket cost less than 3% of the weekly wage vs 9% for a private vehicle*. 

Better for the environment

On average a local bus emits 35.1 gCO2 per km less than a car** and a fully loaded double decker bus could result in 75 fewer cars on the road.


…take the bus

60% of public transport journeys are made by bus, so join the thousands of people who choose the bus as their preferred mode of transport.

Find out more about your local bus service and plan your journey using our journey planning tool, or contact your local bus operator.

Below are some of the schemes in place to make bus travel cheaper and more accessible in Wales.



mytravelpass is a scheme funded by the Welsh Government to provide discounted bus fares to young people. It provides people in Wales aged 16 to 21 with approx 1/3 off their bus fare.

Anyone living in Wales aged 16 to 21 can apply for a mytravelpass.  You should have a permanent address in Wales or attend full time education in Wales.

You can use mytravelpass at any time of day and on any day of the week that the services operate, including weekends and bank holidays.

Find out more and apply by visiting the mytravelpass website.


Concessionary passes

You can travel for free on most bus services in Wales and the borders with a concessionary travel card if your primary residence is in Wales and you’re at least 60 years old, or you’re an eligible disabled person.

If you’re a disabled person and your condition limits your ability to travel alone you may be able to get a companion card that will allow someone else to travel with you for free.

Find out more about eligibility and apply on the Transport for Wales website.



Travelling in North Wales? You can use the 1Bws ticket which is valid on almost every bus in North Wales.  

Buy your 1bws ticket from the bus driver on your first journey of the day, the ticket will then be valid for travel on every other bus you use that day across North Wales. (Please note that 1Bws tickets cannot be bought via mobile apps or websites) 

An adult ticket will cost £6.50, a child (or young person with a My Travel Pass) will pay £4.50 and holders of English and Scottish concessionary bus passes will also pay £4.50. A Family ticket is available for just £14.20. A Weekly 1Bws ticket costs £28 for adults and £19 for children and concessionary pass holders.

Find out more about 1Bws tickets on the Transport for Wales website.



Download the TrawsCymru app for the best value fares.  Take advantage of weekly tickets, or if you’re a less frequent traveller, buy the 10 single journey tickets† which are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

† Available on T2, T3, T5, T7, T10, T11 and on selected journeys on routes T1, T1A, T1X and T12.

Visit the TrawsCymru website or app to find out more.



fflecsi is a different way to travel by bus.  fflecsi buses can pick you up and drop you off in a service area and not just at a bus stop. You must book your ride via the app or phone, then a bus picks you up at your request, changing its route so that all passengers can get to where they need to go.

Visit the fflecsi website or app to find out more.


*A weekly bus ticket cost less than 3% of the weekly wage vs 9% for a private vehicle - TAS National Fares Survey 2022.

**On average a local bus emits 35.1 gCO2 per km less than a car – 2019 Government Report on greenhouse gases.

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