Community transport


What is community transport? 

Community transport services are local services which are tailored to the needs of the passenger. They provide transport for people who would otherwise be disadvantaged because of age, mobility, disability or location and operate a bespoke door to door service. 

Across Wales, thousands of community transport staff and volunteers are helping people to stay independent, participate in their communities and access vital public services and employment. 

If you would benefit from using community transport services in your area, please see below for information from organisations across Wales. 


Community Transport Association 

The Community Transport Association (CTA) is a national charity that represents and supports providers of community transport: thousands of local charities and community groups across Wales and the rest of the UK that all provide transport services that fulfil a social purpose and community benefit. 

Using the Community Transport Association’s ‘CT Provider’ finder, you can locate and access contact details for your local: 

  • Community Bus Routes 
  • Community Car Schemes
  • Door-to-door or Dial-a-ride
  • Group Transport 
  • Health Transport 
  • Shop Mobility 
  • Wheels to Work 

 For more information, please visit the Community Transport Association website. 



Fflecsi Services 

Fflecsi is a scheme operated by Transport for Wales in partnership with local bus operators and councils, replacing a number of scheduled bus services. 

Fflecsi is a bus service with a fixed start and end destination, which can adjust its route to pick up and drop off passengers anywhere within that fflecsi zone. Rather than passengers waiting at a bus stop for a bus to turn up, they can book a journey in advance using the fflecsi app, website or over the phone. Passengers are given a pick-up point near their location and an arrival time for the bus. 

Fflecsi currently operates in the following locations: 

To book your fflecsi journey, please download the fflecsi app in the App Store or Google Play store. You can also book over the phone by calling 0300 234 0300 (Mon-Sat: 7am-8pm Sun: 9am-5pm) 




Bwcabus is a flexible, bookable local bus service, designed to meet the needs of rural residents. The Bwcabus rural transportation model operates within a specific zone providing both fixed route services and pre-booked demand responsive journeys, allowing you the possibility to travel where and when you want. 

Bwcabus demand responsive and fixed route services currently operate in the following areas: 

You can enquire about the availability of Bwcabus services in your area over the phone on 01239 801 601 and book your journey up to a month in advance.