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Road closures will be in place in Cardiff city centre on dates throughout May to accommodate events at the Principality Stadium. Please see below for details of these road closures and service diversions during these times:

  • Spice Girls- Monday 27th May


Cardiff Council

Spice Girls Monday 27th May, between 5.00pm – 23.30pm (Bank Holiday Monday)

From early in the day (7am), Scott Road and Park Street will be closed as a result of the need to prepare Gate 5 and protect queuing fans.

The following roads will be closed as part of the full city centre road closure:

  • Kingsway from its junction with North Road to its junction with Duke Street.
  • Cowbridge Road East from its junction with Cathedral Road to its junction with Westgate Street.
  • Tudor Street from its junction with Clare Road to its junction with Wood Street (access for residents and traders will be permitted via Fitzhammon Embankment.)
  • Plantagenet Street and Beauchamp Street from their junctions with Despenser Place to their junctions with Tudor Street (access for residents and traders will be permitted.)
  • Saunders Road from its junction with St Mary Street.
  • Customhouse Street throughout its length (access to private car parks will be permitted).
  • Penarth Road from its junction with Saunders Road to the entrance leading to the rear of the Central Train Station.

The following roads will be closed in their entirety: Duke Street, Castle St, High Street, St Mary Street, Caroline Street, Wood Street, Central Square, Westgate Street, Quay Street, Guildhall Place, Golate, Park Street, Havelock Street and Scott Road.



Civic Centre: Access to part of the Civic Centre will be controlled throughout the day, with access allowed only for event parking, limited commuter parking, loading and access to private car parks. Roads affected include: King Edward VII Avenue, Museum Avenue, City Hall Road, College Road and Gorsedd Gardens Road.


Please note: 

If there are any safety concerns in connection with crowds queuing to go into the venue prior to gates opening, there may be a need to close Wood Street and Westgate Street earlier, along with lane restrictions adjacent to Gate 1 on Cowbridge Road East. If there are any safety concerns relating to the queuing system at Cardiff Central Train Station, then Wood Street, Westgate Street, Park Street, Havelock Street, St Mary Street, Penarth Road, Saunders Road and Customhouse Street will remain closed until safety concerns are remedied. 


Cardiff Bus:

  • Spice Girls- Monday 27th May (17:00 until last bus)

Route Number City Centre Terminal Point
1 and 2 ▲ Hayes Bridge Road (JH)
6 (baycar) ● Customhouse Street
8, 9 and 9C to Cardiff Bay or Sports Village Hayes Bridge Road (JH)
8, 9 to Heath Hospital Churchill Way
11 Churchill Way
13 to Cardiff Bay and Sports Village Hayes Bridge Road (JH)
13 to Drope Tudor Street
15 Tudor Street
17 and 18 Tudor Street
21, 23 and 24 Greyfriars Road
25 Tudor Street
27 Greyfriars Road
28, 28A and 28B Greyfriars Road
30 Greyfriars Road
35 Greyfriars Road
44, 45, 45B Churchill Way
49 and 50 Churchill Way
51 Churchill Way
52 Churchill Way
53 Greyfriars Road
57 and 58 Churchill Way
61 Tudor Street
63 and 63A Tudor Street
64 Tudor Street
66 Tudor Street
91 Customhouse Street
92, 92B, 93, 94 and 94B Customhouse Street until 19:00 or Tudor Street after 19:00 until end of closure Mondays to Saturdays.  On Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays buses arrive and depart from Tudor Street all day.  
95 to Barry Tudor Street
95 to Heath Hospital Greyfriars Road
95A, 95B Tudor Street
96 and 96A Tudor Street
X45 towards St Mellons Churchill Way
X45 towards Cardiff Bay Retail Park Hayes Bridge Road (JH)
X59 Dumfries Place HT (all day)
X91 Tudor Street

▲ On event day services 1 and 2 do not serve the rear of Central Railway Station (Stop JM & JN) from the time roads are closed.

● On event day baycar runs between City Centre (Customhouse Street – JG) and Cardiff Bay only and does not serve the city centre loop or rear of Central Railway Station (stop JM) from the time roads are closed.



All Stagecoach buses will end and start at Greyfriars Road in Cardiff after 16:00.

Stagecoach bus services 122 after 16:00 will divert via North Road and not service Cathedral Road or Castle Street.